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SS120C Chromatogram Ultra High Resolution Signal Generator

  • Model: SS120C
  • Manufactured by: NON Branded Products

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The SS120C is a 21-bit, Ultra High Resolution Signal Generator that can assist you in validating your chromatography data handling software and A/D hardware. The SS120C stores digital representations of the chromatographic patterns and outputs the patterns as an analog (voltage) signal, just like your chromatography system detector. Because the digital values do not change and the digital to analog converter is highly accurate, the same signal is output every time. The SS120C is factory calibrated using NIST traceable instrumentation, so its accuracy is guaranteed. The SS120C is portable, using battery or line power, for optimum noise immunity. The rechargeable battery is capable of four hours of continuous operation between charges.

The SS120C has four built-in patterns to test the accuracy and reproducibility of your data system. These patterns can be generated in either 1 V full scale or 10 V full scale ranges:

Gaussian full scale peaks: Tests the reproducibility of data system integration.

Gaussian/2: Tests the linearity of data system peak measurement. The first peak in a series is full scale. Each successive peak is one-half the size of the previous peak.

Stair Case, full scale: Tests the accuracy of the data system A/D converter over its full scale range. The output voltage is changed in precise increments over the selected full range scale.

Stair Case, 100mV:  Tests the accuracy of the data system A/D converter over the lower part of its range. The output voltage is changed in precise increments over a 100mV range.

Virtual Peak Generator Program
Create any chromatogram you wish! Build a trace that relates to your analysis and download it directly to the SS120C! Then, accurately replay any instrument time and time again. You can test your integrator to the fullest by adding noise, bunch peaks and  a drift. This program is remarkably easy to use. With just a few clicks, you'll be stretching your data system to the limit.

Chromatogram Testing Package
Chromatograms are available to test multi-level calibrations and a wide variety of peak integration parameters. The chromatograms are in standard ANDI *.CDF format (specified by the Analytical Instrument Association & supported by the major data system suppliers). In addition, these chromatogram files can be downloaded to the SS120C Chromatogram Generator for replay to your data system, using the Virtual Peak Generator software.

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