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News: Waters XBridge HPLC Columns - UK Distributor

Article Date(s):08/18/2011 - 08/18/2011

The XBridge™ column family is designed for maximum method development flexibility. Develop robust methods across the entire pH spectrum using an unparalleled range of mobile phases and temperatures. For isolation and purification, the high pH stability of XBridge Prep OBD™ columns allows for purer fractions and increased mass loading for bases.

XBridge columns provide consistent performance and extended lifetime under even the most demanding conditions. Developed with revolutionary technology and the highest levels of manufacturing and quality assurance, they are a trusted solution for your most challenging chromatographic separations.

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  • HPLC to UPLC® method transfer
  • pH lifetime and reliability
  • Preparative performance

XBridge Column Characteristics

Created with identical manufacturing processes, XBridge™ and ACQUITY UPLC® columns’ BEH Technology™ materials differ only by particle size, allowing for seamless methods transfer and the fastest route to an optimized LC method.

You need no longer choose between HPLC and UPLC® technologies. The BEH particle used in XBridge and ACQUITY UPLC columns:

  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Further improves high-pH stability
  • Improves column reliability for HPLC and UPLC systems

HPLC Chromatographic Conditions

Based upon identical manufacturing processes, XBridge and ACQUITY® BEH Technology materials differ only by particle size allowing for seamless transfer of methods and the fastest route to an optimized LC method.

XBridge™ columns are the most pH stable high-performance chromatographic phases commercially available. Unlike approaches that claim high-pH resistance due to special surface modifications, XBridge columns have stability built in as part of the particle synthetic process.

Under accelerated pH 10 stability test conditions, a direct comparison (using some of the most popular chromatographic phases that claim extended high-pH stability) clearly shows that the XBridge C18 column lifetime exceeds that of the best silica column by over 1000% -- with very little degradation in chromatographic performance.

Accelerated High pH Stability Test of Competitive Columns

Chromatograms, run at regular intervals during the high-pH lifetime study, verify that 86% of the original XBridge column efficiency remains after 300 hours of pH 10 and elevated temperature, with little change in peak shape or retention time.

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