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Hypersil GOLD HPLC Columns

  • Hypersil GOLD offers outstanding peak shape using generic gradients with C18 selectivity
  • Hypersil GOLD C8 offers similar selectivity but with less retention
  • Hypersil GOLD aQ can be used for challenging reverse phase separations employing highly aqueous mobile phases
  • Hypersil GOLD PFP can offer alternative selectivity in reverse phase applications
  • Hypersil GOLD Phenyl offers alternative selectivity and is particularly suitable for aromatic and moderately polar compounds
  • Hypersil GOLD CN can be used for both reversed and normal phase separations
  • Hypersil GOLD C4 has short alkyl chain length, low hydrophobicity column for less retention
  • Hypersil GOLD Amino demonstrates excellent chromatographic properties in three modes: weak anion exchange, reversed phase and normal phase.
  • Hypersil GOLD AX can be used to separate proteins, peptides, other anionic species and polar molecules
  • Hypersil GOLD SAX is a highly stable silicabased quarternary amine strong anion exchange column, designed for aqueous mobile phase
  • Hypersil GOLD Silica is a powerful and efficient tool in the chromatography of non-polar and moderately polar organic compounds by normal phase
  • Hypersil GOLD HILIC HPLC Columns provide enhanced retention of polar and hydrophilic analytes


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