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Agilent OneNeb Inert Concentric Nebulizer - 2010126900

  • Model: 2010126900
  • Manufactured by: Agilent Technologies

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OneNeb Nebulizers fully accomplish the fundamental requirements of ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments - like the analysis of any sample-type at wide ranges of liquid uptake rate and nebulization gas flow.

OneNeb Nebulizers use our patented Flow Blurring® nebulization technology. This state-of-the-art technology affords significant advantages to ICP OneNeb Nebulizers, like simplicity of design and operation, reproducible production, and striking flexibility in terms of operating conditions, making it suitable for many different day-to-day applications in ICP.

OneNeb Nebulizers are compatible with all major ICP instruments on the market today. OneNeb is the nebulizer of choice for highly accurate and reproducible results, routine aqueous or complex matrix ICP analyses, and particular ICP sample-input systems.



OneNeb Nebulizers use a revolutionary design for optimal sample transport, yielding not only optimum performance but also unparalleled consistency and reliability.

  • Configuration: Pneumatic concentric
  • Material: High-tech engineering polymer (e.g., PFA and PEEK)
  • Body O.D.: 6 mm to 6.2 mm from tip to the end
  • Liquid tube: FEP Nat, 1 mm O.D., 0.5 mm I.D.
  • Gas connector: PE connector for 4mm Tubing
Functional criteria (operation should be optimized for specific instruments)
  • Calibration input-pressure at rated Ar flow: 0.70 L min-1 ~ 1500 mbar
  •  Liquid-uptake range: 0.005 – 2.0 mL min-1 (liquid samples must be pumped to the nebulizer because OneNeb nebulizers do not provide self-aspiration)
  • Fits most chambers. Best results are with Cyclonic Spray Chamber
  • High salt content
  • Medium particles content (up to 75 µm)
  • Excellent for both acids and organic solvents
  • High analytical performance at high, medium and very low liquid-uptake flows
  • Very good sensitivities
  • Excellent precision (RSD <1%)
  • Excellent long-term stability

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